A prayer for Haiti from Haiti

Please pause to pray with Pastor Derson, senior pastor of Victory Bible Church, on behalf of the people of Haiti.

God, our Father in heaven, as we approach You now, we thank You because You are always on the throne. You are ruling, and You always take care of us in all situations.

Lord, we ask You for forgiveness for the Haitian people. We know that we don’t always act rightly. We know that many times we make You angry. We don’t do what we should do, and that’s why You are always just when You punish people. 

But Lord, You are a God who is gracious. 

Give grace to this country, forgive us, make the country stand up again. 

You are too righteous to watch the blood of people flow every day.

You are too righteous to watch as people run away from their homes every day.

You are too righteous to watch thugs raping the young and the old. 

Please don’t remain silent. Just say something, O God! 

Prepare Your ears to hear the cry of the Haitian people. Look with Your eyes upon Haiti that is nearly destroyed, so that everyone can know that You are God. 

Lord, look at the state of the country, a country filled with many children who pray to You every day. 

Lord, if we pray to You, it is not because we are right, nor because we do what is good, but because You have a good heart, Lord. Do something and don’t delay. 

We cannot count the dead anymore. 

We cannot see children blocked from school. 

We cannot see hospitals closing their doors every day. 

We cannot see the people crying every day. 

We cannot see church doors closing every day. 

We are tired of seeing the bandits rule and make the laws. 

We are tired, Lord. 

If You do not act now, we will be completely ruined in just a little moretime.

This is the cry of our heart, Father, the Haitian people. 

Derson Louis is the senior pastor of Victory Bible Church, which meets on JiHM’s campus. Derson holds a bachelors degree from Baptist Theological Seminary in Jacmel, Haiti. He lives with his wife, Thonise, in Cabaret. The couple is currently awaiting the birth of their daughter in December.