Take a tour of the top-picked destinations of GES students

Before every new year begins, school staff interview and photograph each student at Grace Emmanuel School. All of the answers are used to send a brief biography along with an updated photo to sponsors every school year. 

While a few short questions could never begin to define the distinct personalities of each of the students, we love sharing a glimpse into the students’ lives and distinct preferences. 

This year, one of the new questions we asked the students was “Where would you most like to visit?” Here’s a look at the responses as of this fall. (We have about 55 students left to interview.)

Overall top choices

The USA was the most popular choice, with popular choices within the USA being Miami and New York. California and the White House were also mentioned by one student each.

Countries not pictured on the map that were chosen by 1 student each included Jamaica, Norway, Russia, Venezuela, and Dubai.

Destinations in Haiti

Since 50 students picked different locations within Haiti, we thought we’d highlight the most popular of those places. Make sure to search the rest online for a glimpse at some of Haiti’s top tourist destinations.

Decameron Resort (7)

Who wouldn’t want to visit a beautiful beach resort? This resort, formerly called Indigo, is only about 30 miles up the coast from Grace Emmanuel School but few students have had the opportunity to visit.

Check out this video for some drone footage of the resort.

Sunset from the beach at Decameron Resort

Cap-Haïtien (6)/The Citadelle (3)

Cap-Haïtien is a city along the northern coast of Haiti with a rich history and incredible architecture. Historically it was nicknamed “the Paris of the Antilles.” It was an especially important city during the colonial period, serving as the capital of the French colony of Saint-Domingue until 1770. It was also the capital of the kingdom of Haiti after independence from France until 1820.

Check out this video for some stunning views of both the city and the Citadelle located about 17 miles south.

More beauty in Haiti

We thought this video was worth sharing too as it highlights many more awe-inspiring places in Haiti.

And finally…

We loved this response from a 3rd grader: “grandma’s house.”