Grace Emmanuel School

In 2004, the ministry team from Victory Bible Church saw the burden of a lack of education weighing on 15 homeless children and decided to start a school to meet this need.

Today Grace Emmanuel School continues to provide a low-cost, quality education for students from the poorest families in the community, desiring with education, healthy mentoring relationships, and Scripture to transform lives to abundance in Christ.

GES is completely funded by student sponsors and other donors.


Grace Emmanuel School
  • Offers Pre-K through high school education
  • 375+ students enrolled
  • Employs over 60 Haitians as teachers, administrators, cooks, and more
  • Provides all students and staff a daily, nutritious lunch
  • Provides college scholarships to top graduates

School Timeline

  • October 2004
    Grace Emmanuel School opens in a rented, one-room building in Cabaret with 15 students.
  • October 2009
    GES moves to JiHM’s mission property and meets under tents
  • March 2014
    Construction begins on the first concrete classrooms for the school
  • September 2016
    Construction concludes on 15 classrooms, administration building, kitchen and cafeteria
  • June 2017
    First graduating class of Grace Emmanuel School
  • April 19, 2023
    Gangs take control of JiHM’s property and GES is temporarily closed
  • June 2023
    Grace Emmanuel School reopens up the coast in Arcahaie.

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