Our Staff

We believe life transformation through discipleship is best accomplished not through programs, but through people­—specifically, faithful people following Christ’s example of love. These are the qualities we value in those who serve with JiHM.

Faithfully climb mountains. 

We are willing to daily go the extra mile to serve someone, even when it may come at personal cost. We are willing to work hard to get extra education to excel at our jobs. We are committed to seeing things through.

Willing to pick up trash. 

Whether we serve God as a director, a cook, a missionary, or a driver, we know there is no task that is beneath us in service to our neighbor—including picking up trash.

Love well. 

We will go deep with each person we serve so we can love them well. We will know their stories, their parents, where they live. We might not have stunning statistics to share, but we make it our goal to know people as Jesus knows people, as even the hairs on their heads are numbered.

To connect with any of our staff members, please contact us.