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Six Months Back at Victory Bible Church

I have now been back with Jesus in Haiti Ministries for just over six months, working as Director of Operations. I am glad for the opportunity to update you on what the Lord has been doing at JiHM, and specifically would like to update you on the last three months at Victory Bible Church.

Unity and Structure

The pastoral team of Victory Bible Church has been working diligently on structure and unity. We know these are key for a church to grow and to be healthy.

To build unity, we have focused on strengthening our teaching so the church is not divided by a lack of knowledge. One Sunday we demonstrated the example of Christ’s humility from John 13.

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To help put structure in place, we have established three distinct ministries and leadership for each.  These are:

  • Adult Ministries—led by Pastor Jean Robert
  • Youth Ministries—led by Pastor Evald
  • Children Ministries—led by Weekenson and Sonal

Each of these ministries has their own plan in line with the mission of the church.

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Adult Ministries

For adult ministries, we have focused on evangelism, visiting the sick, and benevolence. Every Wednesday, the team goes house to house to present the gospel in the village. Once a week, we visit the sick and pray with them.

women with rice

The pastoral council has chosen 9 women in the church to support with food each month. These women have been coming to VBC since 2010.

Youth Ministries

Every Sunday at 4 pm, the youth meet in order to plan for the following week. We have over 40 people in our youth program.

Our youth leadership has been partnering with another church youth leadership team to plan activities together.


Children’s Ministries

Every Saturday, Weekenson and Sonal meet with the children to teach them songs and to do training with them. On Sunday, both of them teach a training class or Sunday School class.


During the last three months we have:

  • welcomed 20 visitors to our church
  • led 6 people to the Lord Jesus
  • held Sunday services for between 150 to 200 people
  • organized a revival in which 3 people came to the Lord
  • continued growing our connections with local churches

Thank you for your continued support and prayers for Victory Bible Church. Pray that through the work of the church, many more would come to know the LORD!

Carole Roger

Roger Carole is the director of operations for Jesus in Haiti Ministries. He returned to JiHM in 2015 after working with Samaritan’s Purse for several years following the earthquake. Roger and his wife, Kerline, live in Source Matelas with their two sons.