Meet Yvensky

He’s an artist with a sweet demeanor, incredible smile, and loads of love to go around. Outside of class he can be found caring for his kindergarten sister, hanging with his best friend Dieunal, or creating a masterpiece.

It is my job, along with Iselande, to visit the homes of students to build deeper relationships, learn their stories, and find ways to come alongside them. For our first visit as a team, we decided to go to Yvensky and his sister Jenifer’s home. Yvensky is a fifth grader and Jenifer is a first kindergartener.

Yvensky and his family
Yvensky and his family

When the bell rang to end the school day, we hopped on the school bus with them. As we pulled up to Cabaret and exited the bus, Yvensky led us through the village to his small, tin-roofed home. We were greeted by his beautiful mother who immediately invited us inside.

They pulled out chairs for us to sit in, taking up all the extra space in their small home. He and his sister share a bed, while his mother and youngest sister sleep together on a mattress on the floor underneath it. When I asked about his father, I was told he lives close, but does not support the family.

As we left, we sang a song, danced, and laughed. His mother thanked us for coming, and by the look on Yvensky’s face, you could tell he was happy to have had us there as well.

Ever since meeting him, we have become great buddies. I can always count on a big hug and an enormous, beautiful smile from Yvensky. Based upon his joy-filled personality, I would have never known he lived in poverty, without a supportive father or many material possessions.

Yvensky and his best friend Dieunal
Yvensky and his best friend Dieunal

Jamie Curtis lived in Haiti from 2014–2017, serving as the liaison at Grace Emmanuel School. During her time in Haiti, she visited the homes of over 200 students, sharing their stories and advocating for their needs. Jamie now makes her home in Fort Wayne, Indiana.