Madam Prophet’s Joy

Many who visit Victory Bible Church and Grace Emmanuel School fall in love with Wiskenly, better known as “LeLe.” His infectious smile and silly dance moves quickly win over a crowd.


Though he can be rambunctious outside the classroom, LeLe excels in school, a testament to the tenacious love of his mother, a woman lovingly referred to as Madam Prophet.

Madam Prophet is also at Grace Emmanuel every day, serving as an attendant for kindergarten. A petite woman who suffers from chronic headaches, she spends her days cleaning and escorting kindergarteners to and from the bathroom under the hot Haitian sun.

If you stumbled upon Madam Prophet’s home in her village and surveyed the physical conditions of her family, you might feel a bit hopeless. Eight people still living in a temporary shelter intended to last only two years after the 2010 earthquake. A wife abandoned by her husband after 28 years, trying to feed her own kids and her grandchild.

Madam Prophet struggles to make ends meet from week to week.

Yet despite her circumstances, Madam Prophet’s eyes sparkle with the light of Christ. It does not take long in the presence of this gentle woman to feel a joy that has nothing to do with physical comforts. She is a light to the students at GES and a stalwart member of Victory Bible Church.

Because she lives too far from the mission for our bus to pick her and her sons up for school, Madam Prophet travels with her kids by tap-tap everyday, paying a fare that quickly eats up much of her monthly income. She even pays this on weekends, coming on Saturdays as a volunteer to sweep the church and on Sundays to worship.

If you have a prayer request, Madam Prophet is the one to seek out. She has been a prayer warrior for me, for the school, for the church. She once paid to travel 30 minutes to a staff member’s house when she knew he was having a rough day, just to pray with him.

But what is most remarkable to me about Madam Prophet is that she has fought, with much prayer, to keep her family together, when many facing similar circumstances would have seen no option but to give their children up to orphanages.

She has fought, with much prayer, and has kept her family together.

I praise the Lord for using JiHM as part of the answer to her prayers, from sponsorship money which provides her with employment and her youngest son with education, to the community of support she finds at Victory Bible Church.

And I praise the Lord for using Madam Prophet to bless all of those she meets, to point us straight to the source of all true joy.

Kristi Bucher has served as Communications Manager for Jesus in Haiti Ministries since 2014. She currently lives in Minnesota with her husband, Nathan, and two kids. Kristi and Nathan lived in Haiti from 2012–2014.