10 Questions with Juvena, Class of 2024

Juvena, 20, began attending Grace Emmanuel School in 2016 following the death of her mother. Despite being orphaned just before her 6th grade year, Juvena has excelled at GES. Her teachers describe her as wise and a hard worker who rarely misses a day of school.

As she prepares to graduate this summer, we asked Juvena 10 questions about her life and her 8 years at Grace Emmanuel School.

1. Tell us about your family.

I live with my grandma and older brother. We are a Christian family that always goes to church.

Juvena with her grandma and brother in 2020.

2. Why is an education important to you?

An education gives me good instruction. It helps me advance in everything I’m doing.

3. What do you want to accomplish with your life? Why?

I want to study to become a pediatrician, and I want to be a model in society because I grew up without parents. I want to be an example.

Juvena’s first school photo at GES in 2016
Juvena with her flute in 2019

Do you have any role models from GES who have made an impact on you?

My role model is Roger Carole, our national director, because I like the way he understands people. I would like to be like him.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve overcome in your life?

The death of my mom took a lot of time for me to accept.

What is your biggest success?

Finishing high school this year, because after the death of my mom, I thought I would have to quit school.

Who in your life is most proud of you?

My older brother, Juvenson.

Juvena with Juvenson in 2019
Juvena, in the blue dress, with her senior class for the annual “Philosophers Day” in January 2024.

Do you have a favorite memory at school?

Yes, the Philosophers Day was a beautiful moment.

What has surprised you most about your time at Grace Emmanuel School?

When my sponsors visited my house. I was so happy.

Juvena with her sponsors

Is there anything you would like to say to your sponsors?

I want to thank them so much for all the years of school and for the letters, too. I hope God continues to protect them and, if the country can have security, I hope to see them again.

Juvena, May 2024

Maudeline Saint Fleur is the secretary for Grace Emmanuel School. Maudeline began at GES as a kindergarten teacher in 2008, transitioning to secretary in 2014. She is an invaluable member of the GES team, called by God to serve Him in this place. Maudeline lives with her husband and three daughters.