“Three Things” with Johnny at the Lighthouse

On April 10, Johnny (or “Jhonny” as is spelled traditionally in Haiti) turned 12 years old. Scindie sat down with Johnny to find out more about how he sees himself at age 12.

What are 3 things you are especially good at?

I am good at math, making omelets (especially on Saturday mornings to give Mama Odette a break), and reading maps. I can locate a commune (like a county) on a map of Haiti without the names being written.

Johnny with his birth mom in 2017.

What are 3 things you like about yourself?

I like my skin color, my face, and my right arm (because drawing is one of my passions).

What are 3 things you have been complimented on?

I’ve been complimented for my soccer shots when I play at the Lighthouse with the other boys, for my math skills (they say I will become a great engineer), and my overall academic excellence (I am always in the top 4 of my class).

What are 3 accomplishments that have marked your life?

The first time I scored in a soccer game, because everyone always thought I was too small to play. The first time I was strong enough to lift the 5-gallon jug of water to drop it into the water cooler. And whenever I make a new drawing.

Johnny helping paint the Lighthouse in 2013.

What are 3 ways you have brought joy to another person?

I tell jokes to my classmates to make them laugh. I gave Gervens a gift. And I helped Lauren run errands.

What are 3 things you give the most value to?

School. Church. Video games.

What are 3 ways you have helped other people?

I help my classmates with English, help with housework at home, and help other kids memorize English vocabulary.

And finally, what are 3 things that make you unique?

I help Mama Odette cook on Sundays, I help serve others in the house, and I’m always ready to help kids who are in difficult situations.

We love you, Johnny! We are so thankful God created you.

Scindie St Fleur served as a counselor at the Lighthouse Children’s Home and Grace Emmanuel School from 2014-2020. She currently works as a psychologist at LifeSong for Orphans, where, in addition to providing mental health services, she oversees an academy program that teaches children with motor, physical, cognitive, and behavioral disabilities.