Does sponsorship really make a difference?

Perhaps you think of your sponsorship as just impacting one specific child, but we have seen over and over the ripple effects that your sponsorship has on the child’s family, community, and beyond.

It is our delight to highlight those here, and encourage you to “not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” (Galatians 6:9)

What sponsorship means for your child’s family:

Sponsorship means preserving families.

Can you imagine trying to feed your family on less than $2 a day, much less pay rent, get to work, cover doctor’s bills, or pay for school? This is the impossible reality that faces many of the families in the villages that surround Grace Emmanuel School. When parents can’t afford school for their child, often their only option is to give them to an orphanage that would provide school. These orphanages, while often better funded than a family, cannot replace a family. Your sponsorship lifts the burden of expensive tuition off of families, and empowers them to stay together.

Sponsorship means enabling foster and adoptive families.

There are several students at our school who are true orphans and would be in orphanages if not for the intervention of Grace Emmanuel School. Aunts and uncles, grandmas, and neighbors feel equipped to care for these kids when they know their education—one of the most expensive costs of raising them—is covered by sponsors.

Sponsorship means support in poverty.

Our school nurse might be the only medical professional our students will ever see. One of our staff members might be the only one who notices the abuse happening in a home, or sends a new pair of socks home in their backpacks. Your sponsorship dollars are at work providing more than an education.

Sponsorship means giving glory to God.

If your student’s parents are believers, they praise God for your willingness to love their child in such a sacrificial way. If the parents aren’t yet believers, your sponsorship of their children paints a very tangible picture of grace for them, and elevates the name of Jesus in their home. And when new students start at Grace Emmanuel School after attending a different school, they tell us again and again how they thank God for this school because they see a huge stress lifted off of their parents.

What sponsorship means for your child’s community:

Sponsorship means economic growth.

By providing over 90 jobs, Grace Emmanuel School is one of the largest employers in the village. This is only possible through your sponsorships! Meaningful employment brings hope into the lives of these 70 families.

Sponsorship means lifting up the name of Jesus.

People in the village who are not connected with our ministry have watched God raise this school out of the dust. They hear stories of how deeply this school cares about its students, helping in medical emergencies and knowing their needs. You are proclaiming the love of our relational God to an entire community through your part in what He is doing at Grace Emmanuel School.

What sponsorship means for the world:

First, sponsorship in your world.

We haven’t even touched on what being a cheerful giver does in your own soul, and in your home and in your community. Your willingness to give tells a very materialistic world that you believe “a person’s life does not consist in the possessions that he has” (Luke 12:15) and that “happy is he who is gracious to the poor” (Proverbs 14:21). Your sponsorship displays the very heart of God, who though we were poor and helpless in our sin, gave up His very life to save us! How can we not also be generous in all things?

And finally, in the greater world.

It is Christians who lead the way globally in the ministry of sponsorship, and the world has recognized its effectiveness. May this be one of the great stories we tell in heaven of how God used His church to bring His kingdom to earth.

May your praises well up to the God who can multiply your monthly gift to do far more abundantly than we could ask or imagine. Thank you for partnering with Grace Emmanuel School!