Working together to change lives

JiHM’s director of operations shares progress he has seen two years after returning to JiHM

Returning to work for JiHM was always the ultimate desire of my heart. I constantly prayed for that day to arrive. And that day arrived.

October 1 marked two years since my return to work with JiHM. And since the day I started, I knew God would do incredible work through this organization. Here are some highlights as I think about each of the areas where we serve. Thank you all for making the work of JiHM possible!


Grace Emmanuel School

We are now educating more kids (over 360!), and getting more visibility. We hosted the 9th grade exams for the government and very soon we will host students for the Philo (graduating class) exams. We have become more disciplined, hired more educated teachers, and received great results from our students on the government exams. We have more employees who are trained for their jobs, but the most important thing is having staff that is devoted to serve one another as they do ministry. PRAISE GOD!

Church service

Victory Bible Church

At church, you can find something that can be found no other place. And I am amazed to see how God is moving in this church—in changing people’s hearts and minds and transforming people. VBC has been a blessing for all of us to be equipped in the Word for life in the Spirit. More people have realized that VBC is their family and cares about them in many ways. Together the pastors have worked closely to respond to the needs of the congregation—requests for prayer, for visitation, for food, etc. I believe that we all feel loved and cared for at VBC. Thank God for VBC!

Lighthouse Children’s Home & Legacy

It amazes me to see all these kids growing up so fast in a very short time. During these two years I have worked with Lauren (Lighthouse director) as she has planned for the future of the kids. She is an inspiration to me because ofher love, her joy and her willingness to go way beyond to help these kids. She has overcome many challenges to get to this point. One of the areas ofprogress has been the reunification of children with their parents. I believe reuniting parents with their children is one of the biggest impact we can have on a person’s life. Lighthouse, keep up the good work!



I am longing to see more happening as we keep working together. I would love to provide education to more students, reunify and preserve more families, and have more people come to know God as we preach the Gospel to change lives. (Matt 24:14).

I am longing to see this mission grow spiritually and physically as we impact neighboring communities for Christ—why not this nation?

Thank you for providing JiHM to transform people’s lives!

Carole Roger

Roger Carole is the director of operations for Jesus in Haiti Ministries. He returned to JiHM in 2015 after working with Samaritan’s Purse for several years following the earthquake. Roger and his wife, Kerline, live in Source Matelas with their two sons.