Three months after the massacre: A video update on the state of the ministry

It has been 105 days since gangs attacked Source Matelas, the village where JiHM’s property is located. The village where my family and I lived.

Most of JiHM’s staff members and students fled from school that morning, never getting the chance to return home to grab even a treasured photo or another set of clothes. More significantly, some never had the chance to say goodbye to loved ones, brutally killed at home in the attack.

After the attack, my family and I quickly found another home to rent up the coast in Arcahaie. Others have done the same. Some left the area—or the country if they had the funds and the right paperwork. Some have found refuge with extended family or friends. Many are still living in temporary shelters: schools, community centers, etc.

The majority of the families we serve lost their livelihoods—farmers forced to leave behind garden plots or livestock; merchants whose inventory has now been plundered. Countless families are now living entirely off the generosity of others.

Overall, it is a bleak picture.

Not surprisingly, I confirmed this month that anything of value has been taken from JiHM’s property, most notably the solar power system. (The buildings appear to be intact so far.)

It is against this backdrop that ministry continues, only because of the two most valuable assets we have: our staff and our supporters. Because of your continued generosity, JiHM has been able to restart school in a new location, continuing to provide a paycheck each month for over 70 families.

For many, this paycheck is their last lifeline.

There was no blueprint for this “what if gangs take over everything” scenario. We have been taking each day as it comes, praying unceasingly. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to watch this brief update on Grace Emmanuel School, Lighthouse, and Victory Bible Church.

With gratitude,
Roger Carole, JiHM Director of Operations

Carole Roger

Roger Carole is the director of operations for Jesus in Haiti Ministries. He returned to JiHM in 2015 after working with Samaritan’s Purse for several years following the earthquake. Roger and his wife, Kerline, live in Source Matelas with their two sons.