Student spotlight: Remica Joseph, a girl who believes in education

After finishing 6th grade at a national school in Cabaret, Remica Joseph wanted to continue her education, but her school didn’t offer any additional grade levels. 

Remica lives with her grandma who isn’t able to help pay for her education. Her dad passed away several years ago, and her mom lives in the mountains with three other children. She is their oldest child.

Not willing to give up her future, Remica began doing laundry for other families in 2016 to try to earn money for school—but progress was slow.

Last summer, Remica stopped by the Grace Emmanuel School office to offer her laundry services. GES Director Andris asked her why she needed the money. She explained her situation, and Andris was able to secure for her a coveted opening in 8th grade.

Remica posts her prayer for Haiti on a wall at school.

Looking back on this school year, it is no surprise that 18-year-old Remica has worked hard all year and passed every exam period.

Despite now having access to free school education, Remica says she continues her laundry business because “my little brother and sister have to go to school.” She pays school fees for her siblings with what she earns every Saturday.

For now, she is looking for other schools like Grace Emmanuel to enroll her brother and sister because she would like to keep the laundry money to pay for a sewing class.

Remica is truly a student who values her education. Thank you, sponsors, for providing her with this opportunity!

Scindie St Fleur served as a counselor at the Lighthouse Children’s Home and Grace Emmanuel School from 2014-2020. She currently works as a psychologist at LifeSong for Orphans, where, in addition to providing mental health services, she oversees an academy program that teaches children with motor, physical, cognitive, and behavioral disabilities.