SPECIAL REQUEST: Help Bring Gervens Home by Christmas

We write to you today on behalf of Gervens, to ask you to be part of bringing Gervens home to live with his family—what we believe is God’s best plan for his life and what we know is Gervens’ desire for his future.

After spending several weeks with his parents this summer break, Gervens shared this reflection:

“Reconnecting with my family, spending time with them, makes me feel more confident in my future. I am more comfortable, I feel lighter because I do not doubt anymore that they’ve always remembered me.

“My mother is a strong woman who is always keeping a close watch on her children, she is interested in us. She is a mother who takes care of her children’s health, has great love and affection for us, kissing us, hugging us, and holding us in her lap. When I would lie down to rest, she would put her hand on my head and tell me little memories from when I was young.

“My father is a strong man who is always working to seek life for his children. He loves organizing people in choruses, with men playing instruments and women singing, and when I am included in these times, I feel important.

“My mother and my father love each other a lot. They are always playing, talking together, smiling together and even when they are angry, it does not last because they are so in love. They always make a way for the family to remain united, by going to church, eating together, playing music and doing other activities together.

“I want to thank God because I have a good family that always thought of me despite everything and always shows me how they love me when I’m with them.”

Gervens and mom
Gervens with his mom in 2010
Gervens, mom and dad
Gervens with his mom and dad this summer

It has been just over a year since this family, separated in 2010, slowly began the process of reconciliation. Gervens has since spent much time with his parents, spending the night when he gets a break from school or calling his mom just to catch up.

After much conversation, it is clear the one obstacle that stands between Gervens returning home permanently with his parents is a stable, secure house.

Gervens’ parents, Gideon and Vivian, do not feel the house they are currently in is a safe environment. It is a structure made of thin plywood and the roof leaks when it rains. Gideon began construction several years ago on a concrete home, but after completing the foundation for three rooms, the rest of their savings was spent on the funeral of one of his parents. And though they want to complete the rest of the house, it is unlikely they would able to do so on their own.

We believe that Gervens deserves to be with his family, and we want to help make that possible.

Because Gervens’ parents own the land on which they live, we have agreed that if they will pay for the labor of the construction, JiHM will provide the funds to purchase the materials.

Roger, JiHM’s director of operations, and Gideon have compiled a list of the necessary materials and estimate completing the home will cost $3,760.

We know that Gervens has touched many of you deeply, and pray that as the Lord has provided for you in your need, you will be able to supply for Gervens and his family in their time of need.

We write to ask you to consider making a gift—whether it be $10 or $1,000—toward construction of the home.

We ask that you reply no later than September 30, so construction can begin and Gervens can be home for Christmas—the day we celebrate God with us, the birth of Jesus who made possible eternal reconciliation with our heavenly Father.

NOTE: After Gervens transitions home, the Lighthouse will continue to be actively involved in Gervens’ life, shifting to a supportive role for his family and continuing to provide for his education. Any funds raised beyond construction costs will go toward supporting him in the future.