Rediscovering dignity through meaningful work

Month after month, we love to share the stories of people being impacted by the work of JiHM, whether that be through Victory Bible Church, Grace Emmanuel School, or the Lighthouse Children’s Home.

This month, as we reconciled last year’s budget and made plans for the coming year, we were once again reminded of what it takes to make these stories possible.

Or rather, who it takes.

The team of nearly 100 teachers, janitors, cooks, drivers, pastors, administrators, caregivers and support staff who show up each day to make the ministries of JiHM happen.

Some of JiHM’s leaders: Roger, Marie-Lyne, Andris, Pastor Dieuvert, and Pastor Evald
Mama Odette, Lighthouse Children’s Home

Local salaries are far and away the biggest line item on JiHM’s budget, accounting for nearly 50% of expenses each year. To put it another way, almost 50 cents of every dollar JiHM receives goes straight into the paycheck of a Haitian staff member.

Providing 100 jobs in the community where we serve is no small thing. These paychecks help families put food in the cupboards, pay rent, send kids to school, and meet a myriad of other daily needs.

But more importantly, these paychecks represent meaningful labor, work that gives dignity to men and women created in the image of God.

Iselande, sponsorship coordinator
Ralph, mission logistics
Ruth, kindergarten director

Created for work

From the day Adam and Eve were molded from dust in the garden, they had work to do—good and fulfilling work that would glorify God in every corner of the earth. Every human being since has been created in the image of our God who is always at work.

Though sin can make work frustrating, difficult and fraught with problems, we still glorify Him best when we are fulfilling the roles He has given us to do, offering our God-given abilities to serve others, whether it be through teaching or cleaning, building or organizing, leading others or transporting them.

Because work is so woven into our identity, one of the most devastating impacts of poverty is not just the lack of a paycheck, but the loss of the dignity that comes with work.

Alie, head cook
Pele, bus driver

Work to restore dignity

Employing faithful people who follow Christ’s example of love is how JiHM accomplishes the ministry being done at Grace Emmanuel School, Lighthouse, and Victory Bible Church.

But being an employer is a ministry in itself. To provide reliable compensation each month to some of the hardest working, most devoted, and talented people is one of the most God-glorifying roles JiHM undertakes, and we pray to serve faithfully in this way for years to come.

Thank you for partnering with JiHM to provide the dignity of meaningful work.

Kristi Bucher has served as Communications Manager for Jesus in Haiti Ministries since 2014. She currently lives in Minnesota with her husband, Nathan, and two kids. Kristi and Nathan lived in Haiti from 2012–2014.