Pray with JiHM in March

Will you partner with JiHM in prayer throughout the month of March? Here are 31 requests—one for each day.

“…The Lord is at hand; do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:5b-7

Click to watch Roger, Derson, and Leconte share prayer requests from Haiti.

Prayer Requests

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Pray for stabilization in Haiti—for fair elections to take place, for gangs to stop disrupting life and be brought to justice, and for healing for the entire nation.
Pray for an effective international response to Haiti’s crisis and for the strengthening of Haiti’s police force.
Pray for food availability in the Cabaret area as a famine is predicted in the next few months if roads continue to be impassable. Gangs are stopping all food trucks from traveling into the area.
Pray for the Board of JiHM as they meet together with local leadership on March 4 to pray and plan for the coming year.
Pray for continued courage and safety for JiHM staff members who make the dangerous but necessary trip to Port au Prince each month to withdraw funds for ministry.
Pray for peace and courage for JiHM’s leadership who are threatened with kidnapping.
Pray for unity and endurance for JiHM’s leadership team and that God would continue to be glorified by their selfless efforts to serve their communities.
Pray for God to provide every resource JiHM needs to serve in the ways He has planned for us each day.
Pray for doctors to be able to travel to the mission to serve at upcoming mobile medical clinics.
Pray for our US staff to be able to communicate the needs of our brothers and sisters in Haiti effectively and compassionately.
Pray for the strength of relationships between JiHM and our partner churches and supporters in the US. Pray that believers in both countries would grow in their faith because of these friendships.

Grace Emmanuel School

Pray for continued safety at Grace Emmanuel School. Gangs control villages beginning just one mile south of the mission.
Pray for 44 students who haven’t returned to GES yet. Pray that they would find opportunities for education in safer locations, or be able to return to GES.
Pray for 2 seniors who are displaced from the violence and missing their senior year. Pray that God would make a way for them to return.
Pray for continued courage for staff members living closer to Port au Prince who travel through multiple gang blockades to get to and from work each day. Many have been stopped and robbed at gunpoint already.
Pray for provision for one former student who can never return safely to his home after his photo was circulated online and he was labeled a gang member.
Pray for favor to keep finding food in bulk to serve at lunch, as well as financial resources to cover the more than doubling of that expense.
Pray for healing from the trauma many students and staff endured when gangs attacked their villages this fall.
Pray for healing and provision for three students who lost their stepdad to gang violence in November.
Pray for the students on JiHM scholarship to college or trade school who face major roadblocks to continuing their education.
Pray school staff can make contact with 2 students they still have been unable to locate.

The Lighthouse

Pray for continued peace in the neighborhood where the Lighthouse is located.
Pray for all of the kids to continue to place their hope in Jesus Christ.
Pray for plans to fall into place for two graduates who are waiting on next steps for their education and feeling trapped by the current situation.
Pray for a spirit of unity among all the kids and staff at the Lighthouse.
Pray for an uninterrupted school year for the rest of the kids.

Victory Bible Church

Pray for peace in the village of Source Matelas, for church members to be able to return to their homes and live in peace.
Pray for encouragement for Pastor Derson whose pastorate started one month before Covid shutdowns in 2020 and has continued through one setback after another with scattered congregants. Pray for the entire staff of VBC.
Pray for comfort for family and friends of Lony who attended VBC and was killed in the November 29th attack on Source Matelas.
Pray for the faith of all believers to be strengthened in this adversity and to find new joy in Christ each day.
Pray for scattered members to boldly share the good news with their new neighbors.