Moving on up: New school year, new grade levels at the Lighthouse

In the middle of September, the Lighthouse kids headed back to school, with everyone advancing to the next class.

Though over half of the kids were behind one or more grade levels when they arrived at the Lighthouse, they have worked hard to make up for not having earlier opportunities for education. Because of the Haitian Hustle, they are able to attend a good school within walking distance of the home, and Jean, the Lighthouse tutor, is available four afternoons each week. He has become an important champion of their education, and a trusted friend.

Lovely, 15, & Johnny, 12, are in 7th grade this year. They both love algebra, while Lovely also enjoys English & Creole classes. Johnny says his favorite thing about school is the cafeteria.

Peterson, 14, is the only 8th grader at the Lighthouse. Like Johnny & Lovely, his favorite subject is algebra. He says he likes school because of his friends.

Robenson, 19, Adriano, 17, and Anne Marie, 16, are all in 9th grade this year, the final year of “fundamental school” in Haiti. They all cite friends as the biggest reason they like school. Adriano’s favorite subjects are algebra and social studies, Robenson likes French, and Anne Marie likes French and English.

Next June, these three will take a 3-day government exam to determine if they can begin 10th grade, or Secondary I, the following year. Passing that exam is their biggest goal for the year.

Kimberly and Fedner, both turning 17 in December, passed their government exams this summer and have started Secondary I, their first of four years of high school. Fedner’s favorite part of school is doing the work, and his favorite subjects are English and algebra. Kimberly likes French best, and loves everything about school. Her hope for the year is that everyone passes.

Bony, 18, leads the pack in 11th grade, or Secondary II. He loves chemistry and hopes to advance to Secondary III next year. His favorite part of school is how the school staff works with the students.

Please pray for the Lighthouse nine this school year, and thank you for helping provide the hope of an education for all of them!