How your visits are proof of God’s love

Josh and I have had the high privilege of working with Jesus in Haiti Ministries for the past year and a half, including two summer seasons building a bridge between the American Church and the Haitian Church. It has been an absolute honor to lead teams for JiHM.

Over these months, we have gotten to see the effects of a team’s presence long after they leave. Each time a team visits, it is a physical reminder that the American Church has not forgotten Haiti. They have not forgotten their brothers and sisters here; nor have they forgotten their responsibility to share in our burdens as cross-cultural workers.

The legacy of a sponsor who is actively involved in their student’s life through letters, pictures, and visits cannot easily be put into words. Imagine the impact on a child when someone from an entirely different country travels across the sea to visit them because they care about them and believe in their ability to learn and do well in school. 

Imagine the impact when a child realizes that the God who created everything they see proves that He has not forgotten them by sending this person to tell them so. There is a sense that even though they have a hard road ahead of them, they are surrounded by a community that truly makes their burden lighter. They believe they can achieve things because so many people, most of whom they have never met, are praying for and standing with them.

That is not just true of our students, but also of our staff.

The faithful men and women who make this ministry possible feel the same encouragement and partnership when a team comes to share in our lives for a week. How can we be discouraged when the Church sends us physical reminders that we are not doing this work on our own?

The partnership we enjoy with you reminds us of the partnership we all get to experience with God. He could have done all of this work on His own. Yet, He invites us into this ministry of reconciliation and works in us to make ministry possible. His ways are not our ways, and we could not do any of this work without you.

What a beautiful, heavenly partnership we get to enter into.

Dizzie Hus and her husband, Josh, lived in Haiti from 2016–2017. Their primary role was leading groups, but they quickly jumped in to fill several other roles. Dizzie and Josh are from California, where they studied intercultural studies at William Jessup University.