“His faithfulness shall be your shield…” Testifying to His faithfulness, and yours

A year-end update from Steve Mooibroek, JiHM Board Chair

Dear friends,

I want to commend you again on your faithfulness to JiHM throughout 2020.

Despite run away inflation and the volatility of the Haitian economy, your generous gift giving this year allowed over 90 Haitian staff to remain employed by the ministry.

By God’s grace you also met the additional needs of families in the Grace Emmanuel School community who could not make ends meet due to the myriad of factors that came against them this year.

God used you to make the truth of His faithfulness apparent for our Haitian brothers and sisters.

“He will cover you with his feathers,
and under his wings you will find refuge;
his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.”

–Psalm 91:4

Recently I, my wife, Kara, and Dan and Linda Neal went to Haiti to see friends and to check on the progress of JiHM.

We are happy to report that everything we have come to love about Haiti felt like a sort of homecoming. The busyness of the streets, the gracious smiling faces, and the passionately spoken Kreyol was refreshingly static in a world that is ever changing. Mama Odette’s chicken and rice is still the best, Anne Marie still sings like a bird, Stephanie’s smile can still light a room, Roger still leads with kindness and grace, and Marie-Lyne advocates for each student like their mother. These are only a few examples of the many Haitians that contribute so much and are near and dear to our hearts.

On our trip, I was able to partner with Marie-Lyne, GES School Nurse, for a two-day medical clinic for GES students.
My wife, Kara, with Mama Odette, Lighthouse caregiver, and Fedner. Fedner just started his second to last year of high school.

As much as things felt the same, there were also many things that were new. Fedner is now the unofficial English interpreter at the Lighthouse. The Lighthouse has further reduced to 6 teenagers as Adriano tries out living with biological family again—his older brother Sonson and his wife, Kemberly. We missed seeing Scindie, our former child psychologist and student liaison, who took a position with a large ministry on the other side of Haiti. Pastor Derson is now head pastor of Victory Bible Church and is building a solid doctrinal foundation.

Sonson is currently finishing his business tourism degree on scholarship with JiHM. He is pictured here with his wife, Kemberly, and daughter, Keylie.
We were thankful to visit with Ronaldo one night on our trip. Ronaldo earned a degree in industrial mechanics maintenance in 2018 on JiHM scholarship. He is now employed in his hometown.
Dan and Linda were able to meet up with current GES scholars, graduates of Grace Emmanuel School who are now attending local university thanks to your continued support. Their perseverance and determination inspire us. Pictured left to right: Steevenson, Enel, Davidson, and Chruvenson.

For those of you who have never been to Haiti, I tell you these random facts to encourage you that when you support this ministry, you are impacting not just nameless faces in brochures but real people with real lives that are impacting their country with the gospel of Christ. (Watch the video below for a deeper glimpse into the hearts of the brothers and sisters you help educate and employ through JiHM.)

So please, continue to support your local church with prayer and your first fruits, but then prayerfully consider a generous year end donation to continue the work of Jesus in Haiti Ministries.

Your partner in the Kingdom,

Steven J Mooibroek
Board Chair, JiHM