Give a Goat: A request from Pastor Derson

Only 8 months as the head pastor of Victory Bible Church has given me a different perspective of pastoring a church where most people are unemployed due to no work or lack of education.

This often means there is no way for VBC members to take care of themselves and their children without the help of the church.

The situation is very difficult and repeats itself over and over. Members call us to help them with their various economic problems. We try to help them with the little means we have, but are maybe able to respond to 20% of the problems faced.

I know that as a pastor, my primary responsibility is to preach the gospel and teach the congregation the word of God (Acts 6:2).

Pastor Derson

But it really breaks my heart when a church member gets sick and can’t go to the hospital because they can’t afford it. Paying for their children’s school is an annual burden, but sometimes they even struggle to provide a hot meal each day.

I was thinking about how we can help so that these brothers and sisters can have a better life. There is a Creole proverb that comes to my mind: “Instead of giving a person a fish every day, teach them how to fish.”

This led to the idea of a “goat breeding” project. From a handful of goats, we can quickly breed several more to share without handing out money to feed people.

Not wanting to wait any longer to help these families, Victory Bible Church began the project this fall with 2 women from our church.

Our goal is to reach 120 families, at a rate of $50 US per goat.

You can help transform the life of a brother or sister with a $50 donation through this year’s Christmas catalog.

Paul urges us, “Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.” (Galatians 6:10).

Isn’t it a good opportunity to help your brother or a sister in the Lord?

–Pastor Derson