Forced to flee. You can help.

Since gangs began their attack on Source Matelas last Wednesday, thousands have fled north.

In Cabaret, the closest village to Source Matelas that is not yet under gang control, no one feels safe. Gangs have made it clear that an attack there is imminent.

Families line the streets of Arcahaie, the next main city north, seeking shelter. Many students from Grace Emmanuel School are among them. Many of these families fled without being able to return to their homes in Source Matelas, literally with only the clothes on their backs.

Grace Emmanuel School and Victory Bible Church have ceased meeting for now. Without foreign intervention, it is unlikely that activities will be safe to resume at JiHM’s location anytime soon. The Haitian police are simply outgunned and outnumbered by gangs. The barbaric attack on Source Matelas has hardly been covered in Haiti’s national news, much less internationally, giving evidence of just how normal this violence is becoming all over this area of Haiti.

Our focus has shifted to helping families of staff and students relocate to safer areas of Haiti. This will be an ongoing process as staff slowly makes contact with every student’s family to determine needs on a case-by-case basis. JiHM will devote every dollar we can to this endeavor—please give generously.

Prayer Requests

  • Guidance and wisdom for JiHM leaders responding to the unprecedented needs of our community.
  • Comfort and healing for those who have lost loved ones in this tragedy.
  • Though gangs are reportedly allowing everyone to leave Source Matelas now, after holding people hostage for a week, some people still report having family members who cannot leave. Please pray for their safe evacuation.
  • An effective international response to overcome the gangs. (Read the latest from the UN after a meeting of the Security Council yesterday)
  • Though the kids at the Lighthouse are removed from the violence in the village, they are still under constant threat from other gangs in their area. Pray for their continued protection.

Food packages distributed on April 18

Points of Praise

  • Only 24 hours before the attack, JiHM successfully completed another mass food distribution for families of students and staff. We truly can’t thank God enough for His gracious timing to get this relief to families.
  • Despite gang members all around, no physical harm has come to JiHM’s property yet, and the bus and “Big Blue” truck were successfully retrieved.
  • Finally, JiHM staff members have proven their genuine love for others again and again. There are many stories to share of how they have selflessly met the needs of others while their own families are also in great need. We praise God for them!