Help Families Soar

It is estimated that 8 out of 10 children living in orphanages in Haiti still have a living parent. Many parents living in poverty place their children in orphanages out of love, knowing the orphanage can meet the basic material needs that they cannot.

Yet growing up in an orphanage can…

…greatly hinder a child’s development.
…obstruct a child’s development of healthy relationships.
…increase a child’s risk to fall into trouble later in life.

What if we minimized the need for orphanages by elevating families—providing appropriate support so parents can keep their children at home and not be separated by need?

Not only is this more cost-effective, it is healthier for the child and glorifies God’s design for raising children.

3 Ways You Can Lift Up Families with JiHM

kite1. Sponsor a student at Grace Emmanuel School

Not being able to provide an education is one of the top reasons parents place their kids in orphanages. By partnering with a family to pay their child’s tuition at Grace Emmanuel School for $45/month, you help keep a family together. [Read Steevenson’s story]

Sponsor a student

kite2.   Provide education through the Lighthouse Legacy Fund

The Lighthouse Legacy Fund supports children and young adults who have transitioned out of the Lighthouse Children’s Home, but who need further financial assistance to complete their education. [Read Gervens’ story]

Give to support the Lighthouse Legacy

3.   Support the Lighthouse Children’s Home

Chronic abuse, abandonment, disability, and illness or death of parents are all reasons why there is still a place for family-style children’s homes like the Lighthouse. Research has found orphanages can be successful when education is prioritized, the children are integrated into society, and caregivers are consistent and considered extended family by the children. This is what the Lighthouse provides when family reintegration is not a possibility. Support a child at the Lighthouse and help us continue to provide this costly, but God-glorifying service to orphans. [Meet Anne Marie.]

Sponsor a child at the Lighthouse

To learn more…

There is a growing movement within the church to support families around the world and minimize the need for orphanages. To learn more, get started at: