Attacked again—urgent prayer request

Please join us in praying and fasting today, pleading with the Lord to miraculously bring peace to Source Matelas and Cabaret.

Since late yesterday morning, many people have lost their lives in a gang attack that began in Source Matelas and advanced up the highway toward Cabaret, right past JiHM’s property.

We are VERY thankful that students and staff were able to safely evacuate from Grace Emmanuel School yesterday just before noon.

We are heartbroken over the trauma they experienced as they fled under the constant threat of stray bullets.

Pray specifically for students and staff who are still separated from parents/spouses/children who were in Source Matelas at the time of the attack and didn’t have a chance to flee.

The gunfire continues this morning.

Many men have come from surrounding villages to join the police in the fight to stop the gangs, who took control of Source Matelas yesterday and want to take control of Cabaret.

Please pray for an end to this senseless violence.

Gangs have controlled Lafiteau/Minotrie and Titanyen since October. They have repeatedly attempted to take Source Matelas and failed. Yesterday, they took control of Source Matelas and advanced up Highway One past Grace Emmanuel School/JiHM’s property. Gunfire continues today.