4 Days After the Attack: A Video Update from Roger

It is hard to convey the horrifying circumstances our brothers and sisters have lived through these last four days.

Roger took a few minutes this morning to try to share with you his own experience from when the attack started on Wednesday.

Click the play button above to watch Roger’s update.

The latest.

  • Source Matelas has been under gang control since Wednesday, when bus loads of armed men came in broad daylight to ravage the village. The death toll climbs daily and now seems to be in the hundreds. Many are still trapped in their homes.
  • All of the students and staff that were on JiHM’s property when the attack occurred – in the middle of a school day – were evacuated safely. However, in the chaos of having parents trapped in Source Matelas with their children evacuated to Cabaret, several children are still separated from their parents.
  • School staff has slowly been confirming the deaths of several parents and family members of students.
  • Gangs have now made their homes in the area right where JiHM’s property is located. It is not safe to return to this area.
  • Gangs attacked a coastal part of Cabaret late this morning, and those who fled to find safety in Cabaret are now fleeing further north.

Depending on what happens in the next couple of days, JiHM’s in-country leadership team hopes to regroup this week to create a response plan. Please be in prayer for this brave team of men and women, who have just suffered traumatic moments of separation from dear ones, have had family and friends mercilessly executed, lost their homes and property, and are still fleeing with their families.

We hope to share opportunities to help soon. Please continue to pray.