Robenson in school uniform

3 Things with Robenson at the Lighthouse

Robenson, the oldest at the Lighthouse, turns 20 on March 28. Over the last few years, Robenson’s true personality has emerged. While he can seem aloof, he is anything but—always attentive to the needs of his younger brothers and sisters at the Lighthouse, offering his strength and protection quietly for their good. Robenson is in 9th grade, catching up after getting a slow start to his education as a child. Robenson has lived at the Lighthouse since January 2010, when he lost his mother in the earthquake.

What are 3 things you are especially good at?

Soccer, decorating my room, and French

What are 3 compliments you’ve received in your life?

Many people say that I am nice, that I’m handsome, and that I love people well.

What are 3 difficulties you’ve overcome in your life?

When I started at the new school, they told me I wouldn’t be able to pass but I did. My class was able to beat a bigger soccer team at school.

Robenson at home and at the beach with Johnny

What are 3 ways you have helped someone?

I helped a good friend with money so he could buy a phone. When I go to my friend’s mom’s house, I always help her do work. I accompany the younger guys at the Lighthouse for whatever they need.

What are 3 things that make you unique?

My wisdom, my intelligence, and my love for others.

What 3 things do you value most?

My family, my friends, and myself.

What are 3 times you’ve made other people happy?

When I go to visit my family and I help them. When I let my friends borrow my laptop. When I return to the house, I always bring a little something for Mama Odette.

Happy birthday, Robenson! You are a gift.

Scindie St Fleur served as a counselor at the Lighthouse Children’s Home and Grace Emmanuel School from 2014-2020. She currently works as a psychologist at LifeSong for Orphans, where, in addition to providing mental health services, she oversees an academy program that teaches children with motor, physical, cognitive, and behavioral disabilities.