10 Questions with Charleston, JiHM’s employee of the year

Anex Junior Charleston has been working at JiHM since September 2019, when he applied for an opening as a part-time accountant. Charleston was just named JiHM’s Employee of the Year for 2022. 

“He is a model for everyone here,” said Roger, JiHM’s director of operations. “He listens to people and responds. He acts kindly. He does his job really well, and he serves God.”

We sat down with Charleston this week to get to know him a little better through these 10 questions.

1. Tell us about your family.

I’ve been married for 1 year and 1 month. We just had a baby boy named Samuel.

2. What was your childhood like?

I grew up in Delmas, Haiti, in Site Militè. My family had lots of children. I grew up with my dad and my stepmom. I never knew my birth mom. I didn’t have a very close relationship with my dad and stepmom, but it wasn’t bad.

3. How long have you been following Jesus?

I grew up in a Christian family and I always went to church, but I made the decision to follow Christ and was baptized in 1998.

4. How does your faith impact your life?

My faith in Christ impacts my life every day because it’s due to Him that my family and I live, and it’s with Him that I walk.

5. What did it mean to receive the Employee of the Year award?

That meant a lot to me, because I didn’t think there was really anyone taking notice of what I was doing. I encourage other people to do whatever they are doing well and with a good heart.

6. Have you had any mentors that have impacted your life?

In all of my life, I’ve had two people as my mentors, a pastor and an evangelist. They are always there for me when I need advice.

7. What has been the most difficult moment of your life?

When I lost one of my sisters, Barbara. She died at age 29. We were very close and that was very difficult for me.

8. Do you have a favorite Bible verse?

The two verses I like best:

“…the creation itself will be set free from its bondage to corruption and obtain the freedom of the glory of the children of God.” Romans 8:21

“I believe that I shall look upon the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living!” Psalm 27:13

9. What do you consider your biggest accomplishment in life?

My biggest accomplishment is the relationship I’ve developed with God, as well as my marriage and my son.

10. How can we pray for you?

Help me pray for my relationship with God to never change. And pray for my marriage, and for Samuel to always stay close to God.

Wendy Pierre began working for JiHM in 2019 as the sponsorship assistant. She currently serves as a liaison for the students of Grace Emmanuel School and assists with communications. Wendy lives in Minotrie with her mom, brother, and sister.